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Blog feeds

The following types of feeds are available for my various blogs:

Category By created date
(how most blogs are ordered)
By modified date Alphabetically
All categories (new posts) (modified posts) (alphabetical)
Web (not supported) (modified posts) (alphabetical)
Bahá'í (not supported) (modified posts) (alphabetical)

You are also welcome to browse Categories for the site.

If you are interested in tracking modifications to previously-added posts (since I modify earlier posts to make corrections or improve their organization), but you wish to avoid having to re-read an entire post, you can visit the "View history" link for a given page and choose which two revisions you wish to compare, or, if you are looking at the modified page feed, you can click "hist" to get to a specific page's history or just click "diff" to see the most recent change for that page.

About me


  • I don't currently have a commenting system enabled. If you wish to get in touch, feel free to send a Yahoo email to brettz9 .


Other Causes

  • I strongly believe the world should choose an official world auxiliary language (whether it is an existing language like English, confirmed and taught universally in schools around the world, or a constructed language--whatever gets agreement). In the hopes of furthering this effort, and also drawing attention to the possibilities for such a universal sign language, mostly by the help of my dear mother, and with kind permission from the World Federation of the Deaf, I have put online an early book on Gestuno, with the language now known more widely as International Sign or IS.